Read Ezekiel 47:3-5

In this passage, the Lord uses picture language to describe the nature of our relationship
with him. Ezekiel describes water that is:
-> Ankle-deep
-> Knee-deep
-> Waist-deep
-> Swim-deep

It is most comfortable paddling around at the edges of the river. There is not
much of a current and we can go on about our lives with little challenge to our
schedule or lifestyle. But as you spend time with the Lord, you will find that he
will begin challenging you to launch out into the deeper waters with him.
Starting with our next lesson, we will be introducing a new format. Each morning
study will contain two parts.
-> A Devotional Reading
-> A Bible Study
The Devotional Reading will be like the box at the bottom of this page. This is
your focus for the day, setting the pace for your daily walk with the Lord.
The Bible Study will be a time set aside for in-depth study of God’s Word. Not the
study of topics in God’s Word (which is the focus of the evening studies), but the
study of God’s Word itself the strong current of its message, the white water
rapids of its passion for God, the deep waters of its wisdom and revelation.
We encourage you to begin to wade into the depths with the Lord. The river of
God beckons!


The Sovereign Lord has given me an
instructed tongue, to know the word that
sustains the weary. He wakens me
morning by morning, wakens my ear to
listen like one being taught.
Isaiah 50:4

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