A while ago we came up with the slogan , ” If you like salvation you’ll be saved ” as a facebook page. We were hoping to attract new followers and guarantee them salvation by just liking the page. It’s a simple message but hard to understand which is why we made this bible college type study blog. If you even get such a thing. It exists here though 🙂

So this is for people who want to know Jesus through the Gospel intimately. We’ve the permission of a bible college to use their material for non profit. If you’d like access to this material please fill in the contact form below and we’ll start a dialogue with you and sign you up. It’s that simple.

If you’d really like to be professional about it, you can head on over to www.online-bible-college.com and sign up for an accredited course. But seriously , Jesus didn’t say go get a university qualification although it is a plus when looking for work.

We look forward to your application. 

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