Don’t be fooled by people who say keep short accounts with God. They’re the one’s that don’t get the point. You can’t start in the spirit and be made perfect in the flesh. There is no way to ‘keep ‘ a short account with God because God doesn’t keep an account with you. You’re NOT under law for crying out loud. You can’t establish the law by the law. You only establish the law by Grace. You can’t mix law and grace. The two don’t go together because you can’t put new wine into old wine skins. And that’s that. Period. Only Believe . Believe what ? The gospel of Jesus Christ not the Gospel of your denomination. That’s a loud of bull. Jesus didn’t come to divide us all. Be one in Christ ! Be called out from your denomation and mean something to someone. Don’t separate yourself from others by clinging to your pet doctrine.

Jesus died for your sin. He rose again. He paid your debt in full. Your past present and future sin has been accounted for and that’s that. Now stop beating yourself up and have a nice day.

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